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Apple Computer - Home Page
About Apple
Apple is still a strong company. At this writing Apple shares are priced higher than the value of the company.
Four major issues need to be kept in mind about Apple. First, the attempt of going head-to-head agains
Microsoft failed and alienated the leaders in the computer industry who guide newbies to good products.
Second, is iToys (iPhones and etc.) Android caught up to Apple and passed Apple and never looked back.
It may be iToys will become another 3% marketshare  for Apple.

Those who understand such operations as Apple never thought Apple was any greener than other companies
and that most of the claims of being green by Apple was no more than hot air. The public is now becoming
aware of the falseness of Apple's claims.

As Linux and android gain an even larger marketshare, Microsoft is big enough to handle the loss of marketshare.
Apple, however, is not as strong and as even more workers in other companies are harmed by working conditions
for Apple, and the frustrations by most individuals with the "Apple Think" mentality may doom Apple to a
takeover or closing its doors within the decade.

The only hope for Apple is to rethink many of its efforts and make their software user-friendly to the majority of

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